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Charlotte, NC

Dog Walker


We have been training dogs and working with animals for over 6 years. We have developed our own training system that stays away from traditional training methods that lead to unhappy dogs and unhappy owners. Our system doesn't compromise your pet's attitude! Call today to schedule your FREE consultation. 

“The closest thing to magic -- you think I'm kidding, I'm not. Emma has been incredible with my new dog, Bronco, a 45-lb lab/pit bull mix. When I first brought him home from the shelter he was scared of absolutely everything and would not eat, drink, or pee (ugh). As he got acclimated to his new home he grew out of some of these behaviors, but unfortunately his shyness exponentially increased in any public place. Whether it was the slightest noise off in the distance, a person 400 feet away, or a particularly menacing building, trailer, or rock (ha... not kidding about that either), Bronco was sure to notice and would sit his tiny butt down and refuse to budge until I picked him up and carried him back inside (what a baby, am I right). He also had a big problem with barking, very aggressively and incessantly, at anyone who entered my apartment and would not stop barking until they sat down and did not move at all (so basically, no one wanted to come over anymore, whoops). With only about a month of training he was so much more confident in public, pulled less on his leash, and learned basic commands like "sit," "kennel," and "place." As time goes on, I no longer need a leash when taking him for a jog, he comes immediately when I ask, sits immediately, ignores spooky buildings and rocks, and no longer looks like he wants to kill anybody that comes over (hehe). I'm genuinely impressed and very thankful. :)

- Faith C.

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